Maine – Day 6

By: Biffy's Photography

Jul 13 2017

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Today I was prepared for sunrise! I woke up on time and had scouted a spot from the day before. Boulder Beach was my destination. I reached the parking area and see two photographers crossing the street. As I climbed down the path, I noticed the photographers setting up. It was low tide and I headed toward the water to find my location to enjoy first light. The rocks on Boulder Beach were a variety of sizes and slippery from the tide. I proceeded to fall and realize that this is quite treacherous. No obvious broken bones but I know that I will have some bruises and a skinned knee. I wish I would have worn my stream trekkers! In addition, the mosquitoes were ravenous and thick. I was not to the location where I wanted to photograph, but feel paralyzed by the slippery conditions. I literally scooted on the rocks to find a place I want to shoot. It was so beautiful to watch the rocks light up as the sun peaks above the horizon. As I enjoyed the scene, I forgot about the pain in my knee and the mosquitoes having breakfast on my neck. It was fun to talk with the other photographers and hear about their journey.

After sunrise, I stopped by the tarn and some lupines for a few quick photos. Headed home to pick up my family and we were off a carriage ride.

Carriage roads were built by industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Rockefeller, who had an avid personal interest in carriage driving and landscape design, built the roads to indulge his favorite pastime, but made the system available to the public for their use and enjoyment. The carriage road system is significant as a reminder of the early twentieth century interest in carriage driving as a leisure activity, for its careful attention to landscape design, and for its engineering structures, notably eighteen large stone-faced bridges. The Rockefeller carriage roads are the best-preserved and probably the largest surviving intact system of developed horse roads in the United States.

It was wonderful to enjoy Acadia from a different perspective. We did a driving tour of the island and found a wonderful scene with lupines by the sea. The sunset was beautiful on a small pond near our rental. Wonderful day!


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