Maine – Day 5

By: Biffy's Photography

Jul 09 2017

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Today is the first real opportunity I had to photograph the sunrise. Sunrise in Maine is early, like 4:50 am early. Our rental is about 20-25 min away from the cool sunrise spots in Acadia. I set my alarm for 3:50 am. When I woke up it took me longer than expected to get my gear together. I left the house about 4:05 am. As I was heading south, I realized I didn’t have enough time to get to where I wanted to shoot! The sky was lighting up with beautiful pink clouds. I decided to stop in Bar Harbor and walk out to Bar Island since the tide was low. It wasn’t optimal, but I was able to get some decent photos.

On the way home from sunrise I stopped by a place called “The Tarn”. Prior to our trip, I purchased two e-books about photographing Acadia. One was written by Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and the other Michael Hudson (I was able to meet Michael at an art show in Bar Harbor and share with him how much I enjoyed his book). Both were excellent and had great tips and location ideas. One was “The Tarn. It glowed with the reflection of the mountain next to the water.

After breakfast, we headed out to check out the overlooks and park sites. I wanted to do some scouting for sunrise the next day. We found some cool spots and I played around with my IR camera and photographed some waves hitting the rocks.  We enjoyed some family time and a quick nap before sunset. I tried to shoot the sunset from our house but was disappointed in the clouds. When I looked at my photos, I noticed some fun, colorful abstracts.


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