Maine – Day 4

By: Biffy's Photography

Jul 08 2017

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Today started off rainy and foggy. As much as I enjoyed photographing the fog, I was ready for some blue skies. As a set out in the morning, I watched the fog clear over Jordan Pond. Since it was low tide we decided to walk to Bar Island. Lots of other people had the same idea, but it was cool. The rental were we stayed was within walking distance at low tide of “The Ovens”. The Ovens is a strange geological formations caused by the ocean’s tide and waves. The tide has carved caves into the rock that resemble ovens. One oven resembles a cathedral, giving Cathedral Rock its name. During high tide the rock is mostly under water. I decided to pull out my IR camera to shoot The Ovens. We were excited to actually have potential for a nice sunset, so we headed up to Cadillac mountain. It was incredible windy but beautiful. Since it was actually a clear night, I tried to photograph the Milky Way. Great day!



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